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Red, auburn, ginger and strawberry blond males
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Admiration of red, auburn, ginger and strawberry blond males
This is a community dedicated to the admiration of red haired males by photo posting and artwork. It is open to all ages and races, male and female. If you share a love of red haired males or you are one, feel free to join!

If you are a red haired male please feel welcome to post photographs of yourselves.

When posting more than one photograph please display one picture and place the rest behind a cut.

Risque and revealing photos are fine but no porn is allowed. The moderator will remove any porn as there may be a few members who will be offended and it is illegal for members under 18. Please note that it is not a dating site.

Please be dignified in your comments as these gorgeous men also deserve respect. No menacing, insulting or degrading behaviour will be tolarated by members or against members.

Hopefully this will be a site for photographs, a positive debate community but most of all, a community to make friends.

Please do not post promotions for other communities. If you feel your particular community is extremely relevant to our demographic, please contact me through my journal and we will go from there. I will allow community promotions only if I see them as relevant and appropriate.