Michael Fassbender, Irish actor

OK, he´s not a fullblown redhead, but he has beautiful red-brown hair, fair skin and light blue eyes so I don´t think you´ll object to much ; ) He´s been in a bunch of great movies the last couple of years, and I warmly recommend Fish Tank, Hunger, Angel and Inglorious Basterds. Wonderful actor, very funny with an infectious smile and his accent make me melt. What do you think?

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Hilarious interview:

Redheads on the street

Here are a bunch of photos of various stylish and pretty redheads that I´ve found on street fashion blogs The Sartorialist and Facehunter. A little something for every taste hopefully, enjoy! Oh, and I want to marry the first one ; )

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Vaysh bartek by me

Danila Polyakov pics, re-posted

I stumbled across these today and see that somebody posted them here last summer, but now it's just white Flickr boxes of nothingness. :sniff:

So… I have them in my LJ scrapbook. Here are links to three of them: Danila close up
Danila magenta filter
Danila smoking

I initially linked directly to the pictures but they were big. Rather than resize his gorgeousness, I made links and hope you don't mind them!

Another soul has a Wordpress blog focusing on models and has all of the pictures here.

Mr. Polyakov seems rather off the wall in person, but he is so striking! Enjoy!