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Jan. 10th, 2014

Blue Red


Greg Rutherford

greg rutherford

Aug. 4th, 2012

Blue Red


Greg Rutherford

Greg's just won a Gold medal for the UK in the long jump :)

Greg Rutherford

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Aug. 1st, 2012

Blue Red


Daniel Purvis

My Redhead radar has been beeping these last few days as I've come across Daniel Purvis in the Men's gymnastics GB team.

Daniel Pervis 3

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Dec. 18th, 2011

Damian Lewis soft bg


New Community for Damian Lewis

Are you a fan of the new TV series Homeland? Or perhaps you have been following Damian since before that when you saw him as Major Dick Winters in Band of Brothers. Or maybe even further back than that. No matter how long or short of a time you have been a fan this is the community for you. Once we have a decent amount of members we will do graphic, fan fiction, and other fan work contest voted on by your fellow members.

Please ensure you read the rules before joining located in the user profile. I hope to see some of you there!


Nov. 13th, 2011

Blue Red


Ed Sheeran

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May. 26th, 2011

Blue Red


Paradise Oskar (Axel Ehnström)

I came across this redheaded 21 year old at the Eurovision Song Contest. He was representing Finland.

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Nov. 29th, 2010

Maedhros the Tall by Loma


A magazine to warm our hearts

I've bought several issues of Filament, a magazine that has very interesting articles and also pics of men in various stages of undress, including nude. The current issue is the 'red' issue, and you can guess what that features! A link to the cover which highlights "ginger gents" should make us all very happy: http://filamentmag.livejournal.com/41654.html

Just wanted to share the wealth!

Nov. 18th, 2010


Britain's Got Talent...Audition!

 Hi guys!

Haven't been on here for a while! I've been given an audition for Britain's Got Talent, and thinking about going for it, but thought you guys may be able to give me some comments!

Here is a link to a recording i've made :)


Any constructive feedback or song suggestions welcome, i've just never had singing lessons or done this before so it's a bit new to me! Just hope you enjoy it!

Oct. 21st, 2010

Blue Red


Sebastian Reid

He played Prince Harry in the Channel 4 Documentary 'The Kidnapping Of Prince Harry'.

I don't think he looks very much like Harry but he's a good looking redhead!

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Sep. 17th, 2010

Andrei waiting for Lee by me


Another ginger beauty

This lovely man was sent to me by a friend. I have no idea who he is, but I had to share. It's a travesty that we've not had a post in so long!

curly haired redhead under the cutCollapse )

Let's revive this comm! ♥

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